Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bio 142 students

Hope everyone is finding it helpful to have this blog. Dont forget to comment to me if there is something missing that you might need.

You should have the review and next weeks lecture available for study this weekend. The first exam will cover all material for the cardiovascular system (for those in my class only, other 142 lectures may be different). Dont forget there WILL be some short essay on the test. If you can answer all questions on the study guide you should do well on the exam. We will do some review in class on monday as well.

Dont forget to be thinking about your IP assignments for lab. Those of you doing cardiovascular system need to turn those in next week.

Also for lab, there will be a blood tracing test so begin thinking about blood flow in the body. Look under 142 lab list to find more info on that and a review sheet for it.

Have a good weekend.

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