Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bio 141 students

Hope everyone was able to make up their lab from monday this week :) I will not be able to post grades on here because of security so if you need to know your grade on the quiz just see me in class next week. I will try to keep this site updated for yall with presentations (if any), review sheets and announcements, also check the links page for places to go for extra information to help you study. Please feel free to add links of your own as you find things to share.

I hope yall have a good idea about what your practicals will be like and hopefully have a good idea about how you need to adjust your study habits in order to succeed in this class. We want everyone to be successful so please see me if you are having any specific issues. Overall the quiz results were not very good.

Dont forget to work on your histology workheets and turn them in to me on monday. Have a good week.

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